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People all over the world are feeling the urgency to learn about alternative sources of energy and how to become more self reliant.


There are many methods of collecting all types of natural water sources.  We have decided to “Jump into” the exciting world of water collection and focus on rainwater.  It just seems fitting that we add this information.

We have looked over several different types of systems that range greatly in price and the required skillset to install.  Weather you are looking to just water a remote garden or trying to replace your current water supply with H2O from the heavens I think we have some good information here.  So make yourself at home and poke around.  Be sure to reach out to us if you have any questions.

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The plans were well designed and easy to follow. Thank you.
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We are dedicated to helping people learn and help themselves during this time of uncertainty.

I always want to learn more about solar power and this course was just what I needed.
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